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Why Advertise ?

Most sites that join the median link program become part of an ever-growing bank of informational sites; some of these sites share reciprocal links with each other to help their growth and to provide a solid backbone to ensure their future.

most of these sites are not interested in becoming rich from advertising revenue nor are they into losing the site itself through not advertising so a happy medium needs to be achieved, the cost for advertising on these sites are the best you will find on the internet, this is because all the site is interested in is a future and to cover their overhead expenses and that is it in a nutshell.

The median? we work for the advertiser as well!

If you advertise on any site that is partnered with the median link program you get:
1. The best advertising rates around (that's for sure).
2. If your page rank is low the bonus benefit of raising your ranking in search engines.
3. The surety and peace of mind of doing something worthwhile in support of the site.
4. Recognition by others of your support (this encourages visits).
5. Increased visitors from the link itself anyway.
6. Prominent advertising on the page in question.
7. The added security of knowing your link will NOT be removed on a site update
... as so commonly happens!

So advertising via the median link is truly beneficial to both Site and Advertiser.



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