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WebMaster Tools Partner:

Site Location: http://www.webmaster_tool.co.uk

Webmaster Tools is precisely that! A collection of backgrounds, textures and animated images and truly is a Webmaster tools collection; this archive of Internet images continues to grow with new images being added every week to provide a useful service for free, all that is required to use these services is a back link to the site itself, another unusual thing is this service requires no fee from business that use it, just a back link again and all the images are totally free.

The site is owned by Globel, to continue in part it's commitment to provide a selection of online services to the Webmaster or Webmistress Or anyone who has a interest in developing the online community. The site relies on the backbone of free counters and globel itself, additionally dreamsight lends a helping hand, as the site continues to grow it requires like any other! hosting and maintenance and this is where median comes in.

Money received from advertising on this site is ploughed back in to the work behind it, from the simple hosting of the site itself to the provision new images new information about webmaster tools.

The site is designed for a family audience and no adult related sites are allowed to advertise for a list of advertising rates please look here, these rates are based on monthly recurring intervals and the minimum period of advertising is one year.

We hope you support all our hard work.



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