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Search Engine Placement:

Deciding to Market your company correctly on the WWW Well;

We can Position you in the all important search engine world but Firstly you must be aware of certain facts before achieving your perfect results in search engine placement! This takes a unique strategy and additionally an ongoing campaign, after all; what would work six months ago will NOT work now! However, there are certain rules that stay fixed and these should be the first port of call for any campaign you wish to undertake and we will always advise you on these.

If your statement is you wish "us" to get you to #1 in any search engine we can quite honestly say for a billion dollars we could not guarantee this, in fact no one can! Any company that states that they could is usually and ultimately a hoax of some kind, the simple fact is there are no guarantees of a number one placement, the results from search engines are not influenced by any amount of money and to get any page up in the search engine rankings is pure and simple hard work and must be an ongoing campaign.

We can say however on past experience that most websites can be improved in this area and although we cannot guarantee a no: 1 position we can guarantee a lot better than you are doing now, our research is taken from day one and your present status on the WWW and is then re-worked over several months to achieve better results, it usually takes anything between 2-6 weeks for any changes we make today to bear any fruit sometimes as much as 12 weeks to get a result, this is ultimately not down to us but more often the robots and spiders that roam the internet, they all have their own and very different schedules.

We will work with you to create better more efficient and index-able WebPages, we will improve your search engine rankings to start to give you a competitive edge, we will advise you to take certain steps towards achieving all these and more goals, if you are interested please contact us on our email address.



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