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Median (What is?)

The Median Link is a gathering of powerful informational sites and partners who share reciprocating and paid advertising URL's; in essence you do not necessarily have to pay for a link here or to any partner sites but the links that are shared need to be fair and beneficial to all parties concerned including yourself as paid or unpaid.

Some Median Link partners build their sites as a hobby or interest others take a more technical approach and make websites because they have built a program or are testing their products others may be doing it just for fun.

Think of us as a:
Brick wall: if your intentions are not good.
Or A conduit: in the relationship of the Site and Advertiser.

In general we act as a mediator working for both Site and Advertiser striking a happy median and acting as a third unbiased party for all concerned.

whatever your reason for building your site the median link can assist you in your online endeavour.


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