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Reciprocal Links:

Sites that join the new median link program as partners wish to ensure their work and webpages have continued growth for the future in fact most require support from advertising revenues in order to grow, By joining the median link as a partner certain changes to the way reciprocal links are negotiated must change in order for the site owner to see benefit from this program itself.

If the site allows a reciprocal link in a straight link exchange "for no fee" Free in other words! Part of the median link program is to ensure and employ robots that check any backlinks from reciprocating sites and simply automatically parse and remove offending site links that do not reciprocate.

In short if a median link partner decides to allow another site on to their pages for free, then the requesting site in question must not take this for granted and must return this favour by returning the link back to the partners site in a two way exchange, and bluntly any that are found NOT doing this simple procedure are removed automatically from the partners site permanently.

It is our mission to protect our partner's interests! And in certain situations we will strongly object to certain types of links not in the interest of the site itself; a good example of this would be if a commercial site approaches the partner in order to increase their page ranking to profit from our partner, or the site itself is weak or is of no relevance to the partners site, we act as a mediator and help the partner to eliminate these problems, Obviosly each site is different in their terms of service in this area so any site instruction or terms of service and individual requirements should be taken into account and adhered to as well.



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