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Advertising Rates:

The following base rate card represents the following advertising space, and is here as a guide for pricing across all median partner sites, we reserve the right to amend this rate card at any time subject to search engine criterion and algorithms, for a personalised quotation please contact median link providing the Following information, of course there are many other factors that contribute to this price guide among them is reach, backlinks, and page views! Some sites have more or less of each facet and therefore are priced accordingly so please use this as a guide.

  • Advert to be either a text link or advertising banner size of: 88 x 31 pixels.
  • The advert must not be offensive or out of proportion of the page itself.
  • The rates below represent 1 advert on one page of your selection (subject to agreement)
  • The minimum duration of advertising is one year
    (although shorter periods may be available on some sites)
  • All prices will remain fixed for the period of prepayment i.e. (if you pay for a page that is ranked at 4 for one year if during this period it jumps to a page rank of 8 you will not pay another cent)
  • The advert will be contained in the median links bar.
Page Rank
Monthly Fee
Cost Per Annum

The above pricing table represents a one-link and one-page scenario however substantial savings of up to 75% reduction can be achieved depending on your advertising plan, each individual site is not the same and neither are our advertisers so a special plan can be accommodated to suit all proposed advertising campaigns.

For instance, there is a reduction for reciprocating links this has dependants on your page ranking, also relevance to the proposed site and is subject to individual agreements, in all cases it's usually best to submit to the median.

We also support other types of advertising including banners so please do submit your request.




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